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One-Hour Smile Whitening

Den-Mat Corporation has also developed revolutionary LUMINEERS BY CERINATE. The first porcelain laminates that are contact lens thin and strong, LUMINEERS eliminate the need for the shaving and grinding down of sensitive tooth structure that is common with traditional veneers. Anesthetic shots are also unnecessary. LUMINEERS BY CERINATE provide exceptional results, taking worn, misshapen teeth and transforming them into a naturally beautiful and radiant smile.

Today, Dr. Ibsen maintains his private practice, and his work with patients continues to spark ideas for products that are making Den-Mat a leader in its industry. “The most rewarding part of my dual career is being able to see a problem first-hand, and develop a solution from which my patients – and the patients of every dentist – can benefit,” says Dr. Ibsen.

Den-Mat currently has more than 600 employees and manufactures a complete line of over 150 cosmetic and restorative formulations. The company services more than 86,000 dentists nationwide, and its products are available in more than 68 foreign countries. It offers educational programs and seminars for dental societies and schools worldwide.