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Contraceptive pills

The contraceptive pill is one of the most effective and popular methods of modern contraception. If you follow the rules of taking hormonal contraception, prescribed in the instructions for each drug, this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy is considered the most effective. It is important to know that the contraceptive pill does not protect against sexual infections, which can be sexually transmitted. On the website you can find hormonal contraceptives and other medicines.

What are the contraceptive pills

This is a group of drugs that are dosed with hormones analogues of the female body. Sex hormones are biologically active substances responsible for the functioning of reproductive organs. Contraceptive pills contain two types of synthetically created female hormones – estrogen and gestagens. The first hormones are produced by the ovaries, responsible for the menstrual cycle and female libido. But the gestagens are given the role of hormones responsible for the ability to conceive and bear the fruit. Therefore, the gestagens are the so-called “pregnancy hormones”.

How do they work

Regardless of the manufacturer, the name of the drug, most contraceptive pills work on the same principle. They are aimed at suppressing ovulation, preventing the egg from attaching to the surface of the uterine mucosa. The suppression is due to the constant dosing of synthetic hormones into the body. That is why it is important to take hormone pills daily, without omissions. Due to the suppression of ovulation, the ovaries seem to sink into an artificially controlled state of “sleep”: they are temporarily reduced in size, and the follicles do not eject new eggs.

Combined and gestagenic

Most hormonal pills are combined oral contraceptives. That is, they contain synthetic female hormones of two kinds. But in the gestagenic pills, respectively, there are only gestagens. Their principle of operation is different. First, gestagenic contraceptives change the properties and amount of cervical mucus. It becomes very thick, hampering the movement of sperm. Secondly, seal the uterine walls and suppress the mobility of uterine tubes. In which cases, the use of gestagenic pills is recommended:

  1. during the period of breastfeeding, as they do not reduce lactation;
  2. when there are contraindications to taking estrogen (hypertension, thrombosis);
  3. preparations with high content of gestagens are used as an emergency protection in case of unprotected act.

In addition to its direct use, the contraceptive pill can have a number of positive effects on women’s health. Gynecologists often prescribe them for treatment. If we compare the pills with spirals or hormonal injections, then after their cancellation, pregnancy can be planned in the near future. The advantages of hormonal pills:

  • high efficiency;
  • the ability to plan a pregnancy at your discretion;
  • after cancelling the pills, the woman does not lose the opportunity to get pregnant;
  • normalize the cycle, make it regular;
  • reduce pain syndromes and blood loss during the period;
  • are effective in the treatment of endometriosis, cyst formation in the ovaries;
  • are a way to prevent oncology of reproductive organs;
  • solve problems with acne rash.

You should not take the birth control pills without specialist advice. It is up to the doctor to determine which drug and in what dosage you need. Carefully study the side effects and contraindications to taking the pills. Pharmacy is a huge selection of contraceptives, including birth control pills. In the catalog of the site you can select products from different manufacturers, study the instructions for use, compare prices for the pills. Shop online 24 hours a day.