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What you should know about Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation or as it is usually called Burlington is a seller mainly of clothing and footwear in more than 500 stores in the 44 states and Puerto Rico. The management is located in Burlington, New Jersey. If you want to get a discount, you can use the website

It is known that in the most developed countries not only there are societies for the protection of animals, but also in general, people have a negative attitude towards those who wear clothes made of natural fur. Therefore, the company has focused on products made of fake fur.

Stores Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation are usually located on large shopping plazas. They are next door to stores that focus on the poor customer (such as Ross, Shoprite, Outlet). Coming to such a plaza, a buyer can buy everything he needs in the stores that are located next door. This is very convenient because it saves money, time and gasoline.

Burlington has large shopping space and often occupies several floors of the building. The store has departments of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, furniture, bedding, household goods, haberdashery, and many others. Goods for children also occupy a significant place in the store. It sells children’s clothing and shoes, toys, strollers and bicycles, dishes for children and much more.

There are always a lot of buyers in Burlington. They know that the goods that are not sold will be gradually discounted and you can buy the favorite thing cheaper. In the end, you can wait for the 80-85% discount. However, in order not to miss a thing, you should visit the store more often. But having received cheap things that were expensive at first, the buyer rejoices at luck and goes to Burlington again.

Parents can make their children happy with T-shirts or dresses with drawings from their favorite cartoons about mermaid, little ponies, strawberry girls, about the adventures of racing cars and planes. What are the prices for children’s goods in Burlington? Jackets for children, which cost 80-100 dollars can be bought for 20-30, and often for 10-15. Elegant dresses for little princesses cost 50-60 dollars, here will cost 20-25. Toys will be cheaper by about 1.5-2 times. Sometimes the named products can be bought cheaper, but you need to spend time and patience to keep track of price reductions. For example, a cotton jersey for a girl of 3 years of Jamboree brand costs only 5 dollars (in the brand store Jamboree will have to pay 10-15 dollars for a similar jacket).

The store staff shows attention and respect to the customer. However, when entering the fitting room will be counted the things you have chosen for fitting (as, however, in many other stores of this level). The store always has enough carts for customers with children, for the disabled. Toilet rooms are equipped so that it is convenient to use them for disabled people, there are family toilets, which can be used by a family with small children, changing tables. Separately, there are shell-fountains with drinking water. That is, everything that is in other stores of this class. But not more. Naturally, there will be no fresh flowers in the toilet, at the entrance there will be no wet wipes to wipe the handles of carts for the goods, there will be no special cults for wet umbrellas and many other things that always distinguish the stores of higher class. But prices are lower. The practical buyer is satisfied.

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