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First, I would like to note that Boldabol 300 is a highly effective steroid drug with a fairly significant concentration of active ingredient (approximately 300 mg per 1 mm), which is such a steroid as boldenone undecylenate. It is used primarily in athletic practice: athletes from various disciplines, from powerlifting to bodybuilding, usually use it in courses that are aimed at obtaining high-quality muscle growth.

Note that boldenone undecylenate, which is the basis of this injectable substance, is a steroid that was originally developed for veterinary medicine. It was after some time that he got into bodybuilding and sports in general, where he began to use it, and to this day enjoys quite significant popularity in the form of a doping agent. Detailed information on the website:


First of all, I would like to note that the production of this drug is carried out by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals EU. It should be noted that this is a fairly well-known underground company among many athletes, which has been producing pharmacology since 2007, and which is in no way associated with the Thai manufacturer of pharmacology of the same name.

If you intend to buy boldenone, then you definitely should know that this drug is quite strong anabolic which anabolic action is similar to testosterone (100 percent of endogenous testosterone). At the same time, its androgenic activity is moderate in comparison with testosterone and amounts to 50 percent. The drug works well on those athletes who have never used steroids, heavy, and is perhaps one of the best options for beginners .T eat , however, and for professional athletes, he can become a great addition to a course of steroids.


  1. Improvement of oxygen transport;     
  2. Increase in muscle mass;     
  3. Growth of erythrocyte blood mass;     
  4. Improvement of oxygen transport;     
  5. Increased strength and increased appetite.     

The steroid Boldabol is also notable for the fact that its effect, together with the provision of high-quality growth of muscle mass, can also improve the venous delineation of the muscles. This property gives the athlete’s muscles more beauty and external power, providing them with an impressive appearance. Another interesting feature of the drug is a fairly strong increase in appetite, which indicates the manifestation of its activity.

Typically, this steroid is used in weekly dosages of 200 to 800 mg (for men). Its action lasts about two weeks and it is for this reason that there is no need for a constant injection ( usually once a week). Course boldenone are long – an average of about 6-8 weeks total. In addition, this drug is usually used in combination with other steroid drugs, from stanozolol and turinabol to testosterone. More details:

As part of sports, the use of the drug Boldabol is possible not only for men, but also among women. At the same time, only small dosages are recommended for women in comparison with men. Thus, if athletes usually use the drug in dosages from 200 to 800 mg per week, then athletes need to limit themselves to a weekly volume not exceeding 50-100 mg. In the opposite case , w omen may begin to disturb the virilization effects.

However, in general, there are practically no side effects from the steroid Boldabol. In particular, during its use, there are practically no androgenic abnormalities, such as baldness, acne or, for example, an increase in the greasiness of the skin. Estrogenic “side effects ” are also practically absent, and if they do occur, they are rather weak.