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Nuke CS: GO map overview

The Nuke map brings the players to the United States. The action takes place at the Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant, located in the North of the country. On the CSGO NET website you will also have the opportunity to get more interesting additions to the game. Nuke is the first map with a nuclear grid. Recall that the second such map can be considered Cache. But this map appeared much later. Thanks to this, the Nuke map can be considered legendary. Well, we offer you to plunge deeper into the history of this map.

History of the Nuke map

Nuke map appeared in Counter-Strike Beta 4.0 for the first time. Then, thanks to the positive feedback from the community, the map decided to leave the game in the map pool. As for the early actions, all the events took place not in America, but in Germany. And only after the release of the new version of Counter-Strike, the main battles found a new home. The main opposing forces are the elite Phoenix unit and special forces of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The terrorists’ main task is to blow up the power plant. The FBI is trying to stop the intruders in any way possible.

Today, the map is in great demand among the professional community. No major tournament can do without a Nuke map. What is the special love of the Danish teams for this map. Ordinary players are not very eager to play on Nuke because of the complexity of the map. The last major map update dates from February 2016. Developers have redesigned the map to the ground. Changes have affected the following parameters:

  • Moving the map from Germany to the United States.
  • Significantly changed the schedule.
  • In the face of the defense now acts FBI. Earlier – SEAL Team 6.
  • In the face of the attacking players now acts as a unit “Phoenix”. Previously, the Balkan militia.
  • The top of the map has been opened for terrorists. From now on, attacking players can climb the barrel located on the street.
  • Changed ventilation shaft. From now on players have one pass to the ventilation shaft, and the exit from the ventilation shaft to the barrel has been removed.
  • There is a new passage to point B. In return, the room at point B was removed, where players could hide. A new place was added at point B.
  • Added a way to climb the nine from the street.
  • Recycled A and B: now players are not able to move the whole area of the platform, removed the window from the booth.

In other words, the Nuke map has undergone a standard update, inherent to each map in the map pool game. All subsequent updates were directed at the map balance. It is also worth noting that many note the imbalance of the map Nuke. According to statistics, most rounds are won by the defense side.

Main tactics of the game

As we said before, the Nuke map is unbalanced towards the protection. However, you can play for the attack side by winning round after round. Here the main role will play the economy. The successful outcome of the first half of the game largely depends on the winning pistol round and the subsequent force. On average, per attack, we manage to score 5-6 rounds, which seems to be a good result.

Tactics of the defending side

The most important thing for the defense side is to predict the behavior of the opponent and collect the necessary information. In this parse, we will consider tactics 2+1+2:

  • Two players play under the A1+2.
  • A sniper controls the street.
  • The remaining two players control the passes under A. The sniper controls the street.

Attacker’s tactics

As we have repeatedly repeated, the attack is a weak point on the Nuke map. Nevertheless, you can take rounds for the terrorists, which will predetermine the whole game. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can explore additional features at.