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How to make an impression on a first date?

Transition from online communication to a personal meeting: what secrets can be given by body language and how to avoid misunderstandings on the first date after the Toledo singles site. Here are some useful tips from the psychology of communication. Today is an important day! After long evenings at the computer, lively phone conversations and constant exchange of letters, excited He sits in a cafe and is looking forward to Her. He has already seen her photo, but often people look quite different in the photo than in real life. Maybe all the conversations with her were so exciting just because they both felt more confident under the cover of the Internet. Now everything will become clear.

The time has come to see each other for the first time. Of course, He came a little earlier than the appointed time, and She, as the lady should, is slightly delayed. He is all tense and waiting to see the door: every time it opens, he flinches. His left leg nervously taps under the table and, without noticing it, he begins to bite his lips. Stop! Is this the first impression he wants to make on Her? Before he gets panicked, he has to take a deep breath several times and think about how She will perceive him in the first few minutes of conversation.

Body language on the first date: what should you pay attention to?

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Posture, facial expressions and gestures determine how we are perceived by others. It is scientifically proven that healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many areas of life. Self-confident, not arrogant or hesitant individuals make the impression of attractive, successful and cute people. Therefore, when you first meet a stranger, in no case you should make an impression of timidity or arrogance.

Remember the situation when you had to deal with a very insecure and indecisive person. While shyness and shyness of children is sometimes touching, quiet and indecisive adults often give the impression of insecure or even incompetent people. Shyness can also be perceived as a lack of interest. All of this would be avoided on a first date.

Embarrassing timidity is one extreme that should be avoided. The other extreme is arrogance. Many people hide fear or uncertainty behind arrogance. But from the outside, it is difficult to understand what is really going on inside us. Pay attention to your body language. You may unknowingly make an impression of an arrogant person, for example, through a raised or stretched forward chin, as well as too close a look. Try to avoid this. And, of course, smile! After all, a smile is always positively perceived by other people.

The first meeting face to face: how to behave on the first date

It seemed to him that the door of the cafe opened for the hundredth time, when Ona finally came in. He was in a panic attack. What to do and how to behave? On the one hand, he does not want to look too excited, on the other – too indifferent. It would be cruel to ignore her with a playful imperturbability. To jump up from a place and, waving his hands, rush to her meeting, shouting “Hello!” is also stupid. How to find the golden mean between imperturbability and increased nervousness to look attractive and open, but at the same time not to seem naive, confused or stupid? Since She hasn’t noticed him yet, but is looking in his direction, he can nod his head and, smiling, greet her. In this way, He will be able to attract Her attention without attracting the views of others.

According to research in the field of psychology of communication, a slight nod of the head and a restrained friendly hand gesture make a positive impression and attract the attention of another person. If you found each other on the Peoria singles site, these are excellent first steps for a successful meeting.